Give your shoppers a truly individualized eCommerce shopping experience with advanced one to one (1:1) personalization. Our personalization technology collects and analyzes shopper behavior and creates unique buyer profiles for each shopper in real-time. Personalized results are presented to your shoppers by way of personalized search, personalized navigation and personalized recommendations.

Personalized Search

Increase revenue by automatically giving your customers personalized search results in real-time.

Personalized Navigation

Increase revenue by automatically giving your customers personalized category navigation in real-time.

Personalized Recommendations

Leverages browsing history and shopper behavior to suggest relevant products.

Personalized, dynamic, powerful

By using both real-time customer preferences and purchase intent, Nextopia Personas automatically displays the most relevant results for each unique customer.

  • Dynamic results adapt to individual preferences for a personalized experience
  • Displays products that match your shopper’s unique preferences
  • Optimize merchandising efforts by showing products based on personal preference and popularity
  • Understand individual shopper’s needs in that exact moment

Nextopia has made it easier for our customers to find the flags they're looking for, boosted our conversion rates and helped bring our success to another level, especially in a mobile environment. We looked at several on-site search solutions and remain thrilled that we made the right choice in selecting Nextopia.

Jeffrey ReynoldsPresident/CEO, American Flags

A proven winner...Nextopia has TRIPLED Revenue, DOUBLED conversion rate and slashed bounce rate by over 50% from improved search functionality!

Brendan FlemingDirector, eCommerce, Lacrosse Unlimited