• Increase Conversions
  • Increase Revenue
  • Increase Visitor Engagement
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

Optimize The Shopping Experience On your Category Pages

Prioritize the most relevant products for each individual shopper on category pages

  • Fully customizable dynamic filters on any page
  • Automatically ranks the best performing results based on user behavior
  • Set up custom sorting based upon any metric like margin, stock or product freshness

With Visual Merchandising your marketing and merchandising team can create campaign based landing pages, promote products based on a wide array of rules and adjust the visual appearance.

Site wide, easily manage:

  • Merchandising Rules

Promote products based on specific keywords or categories to maximize both user experience and profit

  • Product Promotion

Promote products by SKU, attribute and/or geographic location

  • Promotional Banners

Add graphics & custom HTML to your campaigns with our WYSIWYG editor

  • Spotlighting & Badging

Highlight products with graphical iconography: NEW! HOT! STAFF PICKS!

  • Geomerchandising

Promote products & display custom messaging based on shopper’s physical location

Landing Pages at Your Fingertips

Create highly specific landing pages for email campaigns, keyword or specialized campaigns

Before Nextopia my website navigation was a mess. Now customers can easily search and find products on my website. Any money spent is well worth it and I haven't even started to use all the features.

Peter CataneseFounder, Just for Jeeps