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Help customers find products by color, brand, price, or other attributes

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Give your shoppers an individualized experience

Geo Target

Create location-based messaging and campaigns throughout your eCommerce website

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Merchandise Products With Ease

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Data Optimization

Cleaning up your data has never been easier

Increase your eCommerce conversion rates with Nextopia

“Just looking?”  Not a chance.  You want to convert those browsers into buyers.  According to Econsultancy, online shoppers who use the search box on a site convert at a rate of 4.63%, vs. 2.77% for the average visitor. If you have 10,000 visitors per month, that increased eCommerce conversion rate means about 200 more sales. Let’s say your average product sells for $250 each.  Increasing conversion by 2% lifts your revenues by $50,000 per month, on an investment in site search of roughly $500 a month. That return on investment will catch the eye of even your CFO.

Want to convert browsers into buyers and sell more online? Consider eCommerce site search from one of Internet Retailer’s leading site search vendors – Nextopia.

Designed with the robust functionality, sophisticated analytics, and support you’d expect in an enterprise-class product, Nextopia also provides ease of integration, drag-and-drop online merchandising capability, and flexibility for growing businesses. Our eCommerce Conversion Platform helps you acquire new customers, increase the average order value, and improve the customer experience. And that’s good for the bottom line. Not to mention keeping the CFO happy.

Nextopia has been extremely helpful in answering any questions concerning our site in a timely manner. The services provided are extremely beneficial to making our site functional and accessible to our customers. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Nextopia and staff.

Steven BaconManager, Clevertraining

Nextopia has not only given us great landing pages that are easily customized but we get valuable insight into what customers really want. We believe Nextopia had a lot to do with our record breaking year.

Jeff AndersonCFO,

Nextopia has been one of the greatest assets to the relaunch of our website. We have seen our sales & page view times greatly increase as customers are better able to find exactly what they want! The ability to promote, redirect, & merchandise these product inquiries has been an extremely valuable asset to the success of our e-commerce.

KatieE-Commerce Manager,