Here at Nextopia, we continuously find solutions to help turn retailer visitors into buyers on their site. Join us for our one-time-only, live webinar with our key guest speaker Randi Caporale Vice President of Candy Crate as we discuss how Nextopia has transformed their online business, resulting in a 20% increase in conversions through the effective use of Nextopia’s on-site search.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What prompted Candy Crate to resolve their site search issues and choose Nextopia?
  • What Nextopia merchandising tools does Candy Crate use to increase their conversions?
  • How does Candy Crate utilize their Nextopia dashboard on an ongoing basis?

As an added bonus we will give you:

  • An exclusive sneak-peak into the launch of our #1 most requested product
  • A glimpse of what we’ll be doing at IRCE
  • A special offer just for attending live on the webinar

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