Want to learn how you can Improve Online Merchandising and Customer Reviews?

Join our webinar to hear how Party Delights launched customer reviews and increased revenue by using their customer data to improve their on-site merchandising.

Claire Grasby, eCommerce Product Co-ordinator at Party Delights, the UK’s largest retailer of party goods and part of Party City, will join Derek Wisniewski from Nextopia and Jeff Neish from Feefo to share practical, real-world insights on how to:

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Launch and maintain a customer ratings and reviews strategy that engages and sells
  • Efficient ways to avoid that ‘No Results found’ page
  • Create in-context content through keywords
  • Increase customer service efficiency when using your on-site search
  • The business value of genuine reviews

And much more!


Claire Grasby, eCommerce Product Co-ordinator at Party Delights

Derek Wisniewski, Senior Account Executive at Nextopia. Derek has assisted hundreds of eCommerce retailers in understanding their on-site search and has helped them capitalize on the provided data.

Jeff Neish, Director of Business Development at Feefo. Jeff has been in the industry for over 7 years and helps retailers bring the voice of the customer to help them improve their level of customer service.

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