TallMenShoes: An Introduction

TallMenShoes.com is an omni-channel retailer for elevator shoes, a niche apparel product. For over 20 years, they have focused on creating shoes that impact the lives of their customers. They pride themselves on “making people’s lives better by making them taller”. TallMenShoes.com stocks over 500 different styles of height-adding shoes and offers worldwide shipping. 

The Partner

Y-Times Publications, LLC. is a professional Yahoo! Store consultancy and development company, and a Yahoo! Small Business Partner. They have worked with TallMenShoes.com since 2013, and have been a Nextopia partner since 2016. Y-Times excels at custom design, usability features, responsive and adaptive design, consulting and custom development.

The Challenge

TallMenShoes.com approached Y-Times to pursue a long overdue site redesign, with a list of usability features and specific pages to be revamped. Ultimately, they wanted to achieve a more modern look, and ensure they were delivering a seamless customer experience with any functionality features on their site, including site search. They knew it was time to move on from the native search tool in Yahoo Merchant Solutions as it did not offer the customization of filtering facets, nor the ability to achieve a robust, attractive search results page design. Minimizing the number of clicks (or taps) required to find the right products on their site was another key goal.

The Results

  • 30% increase in search-generated revenue
  • 15% increase in conversion rate
  • 50% increase in sessions using search
  • 37% decrease in search to exit rate
  • 19% decrease in bounce rate

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