An Introduction

Founded in 1993 and based out of Ohio, is family-owned and provides churches, hospitals, schools, law enforcement agencies, theaters, TV/radio stations, niche businesses and hobbyists with dependable, long-lasting batteries. They are honest, reliable, easy to work with, and experienced battery experts. They are always available by phone to fill orders, solve problems and answer questions. Their website is run on the Magento Enterprise platform and they have been a Nextopia customer since 2009.

The Challenge

Before implementing Nextopia’s Site Search and Autocomplete software, was looking to improve their customer’s eCommerce shopping experience. This included equipping customers to better navigate their site so they could quickly find and compare the batteries they wished to buy. has many battery pack sizes, various brand options and a variety of price points available in order to suit all customer needs.

“We had high call volume from customers wondering if we had a certain battery type and requesting us to help them understand which battery brand, pack type and volume gave them the best value for their needs.” – Seth Pauley, Vice President, hoped that by switching to Nextopia, they would be able to improve the way customers searched for products on their site and in turn drastically improve customer satisfaction and decrease the number of incoming customer service calls.

Nextopia Results

After implementing Nextopia Site Search and Autocomplete, found that the decision to invest in on-site search was showing a great ROI. experienced an increase in conversion by 10%, an increase in average order value by 21% and an increase in total annual volume by 110%. Evidently, implementing Nextopia Site Search and Autocomplete provided ROI and it was well worth it.