Location Sound: An Introduction

Since 1977, Location Sound has been the premier dealer of professional audio equipment for film/video production, broadcasting, and other recording applications. Sound professionals have relied on LSC’s Sales, Rental and Service departments to provide unmatched support services to meet their critical sound equipment needs.

Nextopia Results

Location Sound knew enabling shoppers to find the products they desire quickly was key to improving conversions. Choosing Nextopia and integrating the Site Search with Autocomplete allowed Location Sound to seamlessly integrate a renowned site search solution to its existing OpenCart platform.

Before working with Nextopia, Location Sound’s Marketing Director, Angelica Dewlow says, she would never have gone with a customized search route had she known that a sophisticated SaaS search solution was available.

Location Sound has seen impressive results after implementing Nextopia Site Search and enhanced Autocomplete. They saw a 17.3% increase in online revenue and 4.4% increase in average order value compared to the average of the previous four fiscal years. Location Sound also found that they no longer heard “I can’t find this online” day-to-day from both customers and staff.

Location Sound customers were particularly pleased with the improvements and said that searching is now faster and easier and seeing product images via auto-complete are helpful.

“Our customers and staff were having a tough time finding things…a frustration they vociferously voiced almost daily. We had to do something. With Nextopia installed, we don’t hear any search issues whatsoever.” -Angelica Dewlow, Marketing Director, Location Sound