Jollyes Petfood Superstore: An Introduction

Prior to working with Nextopia, Jollyes found that the similar nature of their product titles proved tricky for Magneto’s o -the- shelf SOLR search. Additionally, with the wide variety of products available, Jollyes needed a more reliable, simple and cohesive way to manage its site search.
“We found that customers were getting undesirable results from unrelated categories due to the keywords they were using in their search,” says Trimble.
This, in turn, created an industry of trying to optimize Magento SOLR search through manually adding keywords and redirects, rather than spending time on value-adding search optimization activities such as increasing the prominence of key promotions.
Furthermore, the site search solution Jollyes was using at the time was also incapable of search refinements, fuzzy matching and misspelling redirects, autocompleting search queries, and neither staff nor customers could nd the products they were searching for efficiently.
These challenges led Jollyes to investigate other site search solutions. Nextopia was chosen because it’s very user-friendly, easy to integrate, and affordable.
“More importantly, Nextopia had clients in our industry and was able to demonstrate how their search tools could overcome the issues we were facing,” says Trimble.

Nextopia Results

Jollyes has been working with Nextopia since 2015, and since implementing Nextopia’s Site Search with Autocomplete the company has seen beyond amazing results. Jollyes has seen its revenue increase by an impressive 60%, conversion through search increase 39%, average order value increase by 5%, a decrease in search to exit rate from 27.61% to 18.36%, and a decrease in bounce rate from 6.56% to 1.06%.
Jollyes has also been happy to find that since implementing Nextopia, their customers have been very pleased with the new search functions. “Since implementing Nextopia, we have received no complaints regarding the search results, something which was all too frequent prior to the implementation,” says Trimble.
Needless to say, switching to Nextopia has allowed Jollyes to see a significant increase in conversions and provided customers with a site experience that stands out in a competitive market.