Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies: An Introduction

For more than 10 years, Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies has supplied businesses with all of their cleanroom consumables, lab supplies and safety needs and is dedicated to providing its customers with outstanding customer service and product knowledge. Customers can shop for everything from lab supplies to safety gear, in addition to cleaning supplies and disposable apparel.

Nextopia Results

In just over a year, Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies has seen significant improvements to the use of site search and customers have expressed how much easier it is to search and shop for specific products. In addition to improvements in customer satisfaction and experience, Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies has seen significant increase to their revenue which increased by 186%, while conversion through search increased by 184%, time spent on site increased by 22%, internal search increased by 267%. 

Additionally, Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies saw that their number of customer service calls dramatically decreased by 50% after implementing Nextopia’s Site Search with Autocomplete and Filters and Navigation, as shoppers are now able to easily filter through the extensive list of products to find exactly what they are looking for.