Grooming Lounge: An Introduction

Founded in 1999 and based out of Washington DC, Grooming Lounge is the premier site for men’s skin care, men’s shaving and men’s hair care products. They offer the widest selection of premium men’s brands and provide expert advice for guys to ensure they get the most out of their products in order to look and feel dapper. Their website is run on the Magneto platform and they have been a Nextopia customer since 2009.

The Challenge

Before implementing Nextopia’s Site Search and Autocomplete software, Grooming Lounge was using the Magento native search utility.

“Search results were extremely limited and simple searches for exact products were not yielding
adequate results.”
– Michael Levy, Director of Marketing, Grooming Lounge

The on-site search was not helpful in providing the superior customer experience Grooming Lounge wanted to adhere to. Grooming Lounge hoped that by switching to Nextopia, they would be able to improve the way customers searched for products on their site and in turn drastically improve the overall customer experience.