Go Vacuum: An Introduction

For more than 30 years, Go Vacuum has been selling home and garden products – with a main focus on floor care cleaners such as vacuums, consumables and cleaning accessories. Since opening its doors, Go Vacuum has taken pride in providing
its customers with a site that’s easy to use, has a large product catalog, unbeatable prices, and prompt delivery. The company currently stocks thousands of different products online, ranging from hard-to-find replacement parts to popular vacuums and sells them to consumers all across North America.

The Challenge

Prior to implementing Nextopia, Go Vacuum’s customers were constantly struggling to find the specific products they were searching for. The company’s previous site search was inadequate and incapable of providing consumers with the site search results they deserved and because of this Go Vacuum knew it had to make changes or lose business.
“Discovery of our products weren’t up to the mark and customers were constantly complaining about not being able to find their parts and accessories.” – Shathanand Rao, Product Manager, Go Vacuum.
Aside from providing poor results, Go Vacuum’s previous site search wasn’t capable of manually re-directing keywords, providing refinements, fuzzy matching, and re-directing misspelled search queries, re-merchandising products, autocompleting search queries, keyword tagging products, and providing site search reports and analytics.
Go Vacuum’s goal as an eCommerce retailer is to be able to provide its customers with an exceptional online shopping experience and their previous site search was preventing this from happening. The company decided it needed to make a change and began researching alternative solutions and ended up deciding on Nextopia.
“Initially, we were looking for search providers who’d integrate with a Yahoo! store and provide capabilities to refine and filter search results. Nextopia fit in well and has since been our partner ever since,” says Rao.

Nextopia Results

Go Vacuum knew its existing site search was unable to return relevant results and their broken search function caused customer dissatisfaction and lost sales. However, shortly after implementing Nextopia Site Search with Autocomplete, Go Vacuum experienced significant improvements as Nextopia provided the company with winning services that quickly brought measurable results.
Following implementation, Go Vacuum saw its revenue increase by 30%, average order value increase by 40%, conversion through search increase by 120%, time on site increase by 30%, and internal search increase by 75%.
Needless to say, since implementing Nextopia the company has seen a dramatic improvement in product findability and the relevance of search results. Specifically, implementing Nextopia’s Site Search with Autocomplete has allowed shoppers to see instant product matches with every keystroke, regardless if they made a spelling mistake or they are searching for alternative products.
This has resulted in a significant increase in conversion, average order value and revenue — making it a winning and successful partnership for Go Vacuum and Nextopia.