ePestSupply: An Introduction

Founded in 1997 and based out of Dallas, Texas, ePestSupply is an online retailer selling professional quality pest control and lawn care products. They have catered to customers located all around the world. Their website is run on a customized version of the PDG Commerce platform and they have been a Nextopia customer since 2012.

The Challenge

Before implementing Nextopia’s Site Search and Mobile Search software, ePestSupply knew they needed to find a more effective method to assist customers in finding what they were looking for. They were using an old catalogue style search that was simply not effective. The catalogue search engine only had the ability to search though product titles, skus and certain keywords. Customers were unable to search by unique phrases or words that were not intentionally placed in keyword areas.

“In our business, most customers need help finding their solution. They don’t know the names of the pests they are dealing with, much less the names of the chemicals that they should be using. So when we started looking for a solution that enabled a search for practically any word and piece of information that they could think of, Nextopia was the only real solution that we could find.” – Ron Dawson, President and Founder, ePestSupply.

ePestSupply not only looked into other site search providers, they considered having their programmers create a customized solution.

“I have always tried to do business with the idea that if something breaks, we need someone that can fix it – fast. With custom programmers, if they leave or can’t be found, then someone has to sit down and figure out how the coding works. That can take a long time and cost a lot of money. Downtime in our business is expensive.” – Ron Dawson, President and Founder, ePestSupply.

ePestSupply knew that by integrating Nextopia, they would be able to improve the way customers searched for products on their site and in turn improve customer satisfaction in the most effective way.