Since opening its doors in 1978, Dean Security has grown to be the largest online safe store in the United States with the best selection and prices. For 38 successful years, Dean Security has specialized in gun, home, office, and jewelry safes. During this time, Dean Security has grown from a modest 700 square foot space to now operating three showrooms throughout California.


As a company with an extensive product catalog – often with safe inventory into the thousands – it’s vital that Dean Security has a site search solution that’s easy to use and provides relevant results. Unfortunately for Dean Security, this wasn’t possible with its former site search provider. Before teaming up with Nextopia, Dean Security was constantly dealing with a low conversion rate due to its customer’s inability to effectively and quickly find what they were looking for due to poor site search. With such a large selection of products available and no proper filtering system in place, it was extremely difficult for Dean Security to fulfill the wants and needs of all its customers.

Additionally, Dean Security’s previous site search solution couldn’t provide refinements, fuzzy matching or misspelling redirects, re-merchandise products, autocomplete search queries, provide site search reports, or keyword tagging products.

Combined, each of these issues made it difficult for not only customers but also for staff to find what they were looking for on the site using the search. Because of this, Dean Security realized that it needed to improve its site search or risk losing customers.

In 2016, Dean Security began looking for a new site search provider to improve its site’s search needs. When it came to finding the right provider, Nextopia was chosen because it was the only provider that worked with Yahoo! and Aabaco.