Da Luca Straps: An Introduction

Da Luca Straps has sold fine leather goods in the San Diego area since being founded in 2009. Since its humble beginnings, Da Luca Straps has become an industry leader in handcrafting the best leather goods. Providing quality and simplistic products has always been a priority for the company. This is continually achieved by the in-house manufacturing team who is capable of producing watch bands that fit virtually every watch all the way to the highest quality accessory such as wallets, belts, key chains, t-shirts, and hats.
With such a wide variety of detailed products available, Da Luca Straps needed to make it easy for both its customers and staff to find the exact items they search for every time they visit the site.

The Challenge

Known for its wide selection of high-end leather goods, Da Luca Straps wanted to make it easier for online shoppers to find their desired items.
The company’s search provider at the time was producing search results that didn’t always correspond directly to the searched queries. This meant searches weren’t always producing relevant search results for customers, which lead to unsatisfied customers and a high bounce rate.
“Searches were not detailed enough for our extremely detailed products, which did not give the end user a detailed enough view of our products for their specific needs.” – Daniel Luczak – President/CEO of Da Luca Straps.
Additionally, Da Luca Straps’ search solution was incapable of providing on-site search reports, refinements, fuzzy matching and re-directing misspelled words, re-merchandising products, autocomplete, filtering, and providing fast and organized search results.
With so many obstacles preventing customers from reaching their desired products, Da Luca Straps began investigating other search solution providers and ultimately chose Nextopia because of its quality products, reputation, and ease of integration.

Nextopia Results

In 2015, Da Luca Straps brought Nextopia on board to provide customers with a more intuitive and effective search experience. After implementing Nextopia’s Site Search with Autocomplete, Da Luca Straps quickly realized that Nextopia was a natural fit.
The implementation was smooth and the results were significant and Da Luca Straps saw their revenue increase by 5%, conversion through search increase by 1%, average order value increase by 20%, time spent on site increase by 15%, and internal search increase by 10%. Da Luca Straps also saw their search to exit rate decrease by 5%, and bounce rate decrease by 15%.
Luczak also noted that since implementing Nextopia, they experienced a huge decrease in customer service calls as site visitors are now able to find the exact products they are looking for every time they search.
Finally, since switching to Nextopia, the Da Luca Straps team has even begun to use the search feature internally to search for products and staff couldn’t be more pleased with the results.