Cherrybrook: An Introduction

Based in Phillipsburg, NJ, Cherrybrook is an award-winning omni-channel pet supply retailer carrying all-natural and holistic foods and treats, proven supplements, top-of-the-line grooming supplies and quality goods from safety-conscious manufacturers. Their website runs on BigCommerce, and they have been using the Nextopia site-search platform since 2016.

The Challenge

Prior to implementing Nextopia’s software, Cherrybrook relied on their platform’s built-in basic search function. The existing platform posed significant limitations, such as relevant search results not being displayed as well as a lack of reporting data.

These challenges prevented staff and customers from efficiently finding products and navigating the Cherrybrook website, as well as created difficulty in developing effective promotions. Management decided to seek a new site-search solution which would enable them to increase conversions, average order value, and time spent on-site while reducing the path to purchase.

The Results

Through the implementation of Nextopia’s site-search, autocomplete and navigation products, Cherrybrook recognized immediate results within the first month of implementation. The application of these search-driven tools contributed to a 35% increase in conversions which resulted in an impressive 24% increase in revenue! Additionally, the visual merchandising dashboard enabled Cherrybrook to optimize their advertising campaigns, with staff now able to easily create landing pages with custom links for homepage banners and emails. All in all, Cherrybrook has been able to improve the customer experience by simplifying navigation throughout their site and providing relevant search results which help shoppers find the right products in a fraction of the time.

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