Candy Crate: An Introduction

Based out of Victorville, California, Candy Crate is an Old-Fashioned Candy Store selling hard to find Retro Candy, Bulk Candy and a huge assortment of Candy Gifts. Candy Crate helps their customers take a trip down memory lane with their unique line of retro candies that come directly from manufactures and ship their gift baskets all over the world. Their website is run on the Yahoo! platform and they have been a Nextopia customer since 2014.

With thousands of choices of candy by the case, box, bulk, color and flavor, Candy Crate stocks everything its customers could possibly need to take a trip down memory lane. With so much to showcase, it’s no wonder the company needed a site search solution that would make it easier for customers to find exactly what they wanted every time they visited the site.

The Challenge

Before Nextopia, it was challenging for Candy Crate’s customers to find the candy they were looking for on the site due to too many uncategorized products and poor search results, which led to a high overall bounce rate. Even though the company had a great selection of products available, without a proper filtering system in place it was extremely difficult to fulfill the wants and needs of all customers, which frequently resulted in customer service calls.

In 2014, Candy Crate looked for a new search provider to improve their site’s search, autocomplete, filters, navigation and mobile needs. When it came to finding the right provider, Nextopia was chosen because of its great customer service, user friendly platform, and because it integrated flawlessly with the company’s Yahoo! platform.