BuyDMI: An Introduction

BuyDMi is an everything “e-tailer”, with the goal of being able to help its customers find just about anything they could ever want online in the most efficient way possible. The company offers an extensive product catalog filled with millions of brand-name products in categories ranging from health and body, tools and equipment, office supplies, electronics, furniture, cleaning products, and restaurant supplies to name a few.

Nextopia Results

With its extensive range of products, BuyDMi needed its site search to be easy to use, accurate, and user-friendly. Shortly after implementing Nextopia’s Site Search with Autocomplete and Mobile Site Search, the company experienced significant improvements.

Customer satisfaction has improved, site visitors now spend more time browsing on the site, which has led to a significant decrease in bounce rate, and a decrease in customer service inquiries.

“Since implementing Nextopia, we have experienced a decrease in customer service inquiries pertaining to actually locating products on our site. Our staff is also able to find products on the site more easily, this has made our users happier and our staff more efficient,” says Macaluso.

Within one year of working with Nextopia, BuyDMi saw their revenue increase by 15%, conversion through search increase by 20%, time on site increase by 12%, bounce rate decrease by 26%, and customer service calls decrease by 15%.

Being able to return intuitive and relevant search results from an extensive product catalog is challenging. However, implementing Nextopia’s Site Search solutions has significantly improved this process and now both the company and its customers can find what they want quickly.