Brock’s Performance: An Introduction

Since 1983, Brock’s Performance has been a leading multi-channel marketer of high-end performance based products supplying the aftermarket motorcycle industry. Ever since opening its doors, the company has kept a tight focus on providing its customers with products to reignite the motorcycle enthusiast’s soul, and the company continually goes above and beyond to ensure every product’s quality is second to none. Brock’s Performance’s website is run on a custom platform and they have been a Nextopia customer since 2015.

Nextopia Results

Brock’s Performance soon rolled out Nextopia’s Site Search and Autocomplete, which is proven to increase conversions and sales for online retailers by delivering the most relevant results so that customers find what they want quickly. The move had a rapid business impact resulting in an increase of conversions by 15%. In tandem, Brock’s Performance average order value increased by $65, their internal search went up by 75%, and they saw their customer service calls decrease by 25%.

The decrease in customer service calls made a huge improvement to the day-to-day business, as the company was constantly dealing with customers calling in each day frustrated that they couldn’t find what they were looking for, “Now it takes just seconds to locate an item, see the availability and check the price,” Grieco says.

Needless to say, seeing such a big increase in the use of the search box and additionally in revenue,Brock’s Performance has experienced a tremendous R.O.I. and increased customer satisfaction, which is apparent from how well the company’s customers have reacted to new site search, “They love it!” Grieco says.