ASKDERM: An Introduction

The brand promise for askderm has always been to provide its customers with access to dermatologist recommended products at fair and competitive prices. askderm launched in 2002 and has since been a leading eCommerce retailer of luxury skincare products to help customers look and feel beautiful.

Ever since askderm’s first eCommerce site opened for business, the company has kept a tight focus on creating an informative and engaging place to shop for skincare products. The company’s staff are constantly trained on the latest methods and offerings in skincare in order to provide its customers with the best shopping experience possible with access to lots of information
and product options. However, the company’s original site search – a default solution packaged with its eCommerce platform Magento – wasn’t doing an adequate job at displaying products customers were searching for online.

The Challenge

Askderm needed a site search solution that was capable of re-directs, refinements, autocomplete, mobile site search, and offering backend reports so they could get a better understanding of their customers. However, the site search built into the company’s eCommerce platform was not sufficient.

Prior to working with Nextopia, askderm was constantly dealing with high volume of customer service calls due to customers not being able to find products they were looking for. Because of this, searches were frequently directed to the ‘No Results’ found page, and in turn, customers would leave the site in frustration which led to a high bounce rate. Employees also became frustrated because the site search at the time wasn’t capable of providing detailed, backend analytics or reports so they had a hard time determining the wants and needs of their customers.

To fix these issues, askderm began looking for a new search solution provider and their Magento partner gave a strong recommendation to implement Nextopia. “We were told by our Gold Magento implementation partner Gauge Interactive that Magento out of the box search functionality was inadequate, and received a strong recommendation from them to implement Nextopia,” says Wilcox.

Nextopia Results

Prior to working with Nextopia, askderm was constantly dealing with unhappy customers who could never find the products they were looking for. Because of this, customers were constantly abandoning the site, which led to an added workload for the company’s customer service team as they were constantly answering questions about products their customers should have been able to find online.

After implementing Nextopia’s Site Search with Autocomplete and Mobile Site Search, askderm experienced results that were better than expected. Askderm was able to increase average order value by 11.19%, increase time on site by 52.18%, increase pages per session by 20.45%, and drastically decrease their customer service calls.