Afloral: An Introduction

Founded in 1996 and based out of Jamestown, New York, Afloral is an online shop for silk flowers and decorations for weddings. Their website is run on the Shopify Plus platform and they have been a Nextopia customer since July 2014.

The Challenge

Before implementing Nextopia’s Site Search and Autocomplete software, Afloral’s on-site search functionality was not cutting it. Afloral offers a large array of products, and customers were having trouble navigating through this extensive lineup of offerings.

The on-site search that was being used was not up to the standard that Afloral holds their business to. When Afloral decided they needed to improve their on-site search functionality the decision to go to Nextopia was obvious. Afloral knew that by switching to Nextopia, they would be able to improve the way customers searched for products on their site and in turn drastically improve the overall customer experience.

Nextopia Results

After implementation, within a month and a half Afloral was seeing unbelievable results and a beyond amazing ROI. Afloral experienced an increase in conversion through search by 13% and an increase in internal search by 51%. They also saw a decrease in search to exit rate by 54% and a decrease in bounce rate by 73%! While they were not able to provide a statistic, Afloral also shared that time spent on search results has been cut in half. This demonstrates that customers are finding what they’re looking for much more quickly than they used to.

Evidently, implementing Nextopia Site Search and Autocomplete provided customers a more comfortable way of navigating the site and in turn drastically improved site metrics.