If you’re running a Yahoo! store, you already know that it’s a great platform — but what if it could be even better? What if you could increase your conversions and make your customers even happier? Fortunately, that’s what Nextopia’s Site Search can do for you (and your customers).

Nextopia’s Site Search: Simple, Efficient and Beneficial

Nextopia’s Site Search can fully integrate with any store on the Yahoo! Shopping platform. That means with seamless efficiency, your customers can enjoy all the benefits of Site Search while you increase conversions and improve your bottom line.

Site Search has cutting-edge functionality that includes:

  • Enhanced autocomplete. Our enhanced autocomplete technology makes smart search even smarter. We’ll suggest products as your customers type, and we’ll even include images so they can get a visual cue to help move them along the path to a sale.
  • Advanced search refinement. You can give your shoppers the power to make their experience unique. With innovative product ranking that’s optimized for conversions, the ability for users to apply dynamic filters on any page and so much more, our advanced search refinement technology will keep your customers happy.
  • Responsive design. Because your site is responsive, as it should be, Nextopia’s Site Search for the Yahoo! Shopping platform is also responsive. It adapts to whatever medium your users are on so you never have to worry about your customers’ experiences.
Why Site Search for Yahoo! Shopping is the Perfect Solution

We’ll help your customers find what they need more quickly and give them all the right cues to make their shopping experience a good one.

We work hard to:

  • Engage your mobile audience
  • Give you access to advanced merchandising tools
  • Provide your users that fast, accurate and intelligent search results
  • Guide your customers toward your products

You will love our quick and easy setup. Nextopia is an official partner of Yahoo! Stores, so you get full functionality and a completely streamlined experience.

Fast, accurate, intelligent search results

Increase your sales by helping your customers find what they are looking for. Nextopia site search guides customers to the right products on your site.

Site Search

algorithm icon green

Adaptive search algorithm

  • Automatically ranks your best-performing results based on customer behavior.
  • Fast, accurate, and optimized results to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Visual merchandising for all search queries
  • Includes blogs, videos, and user-guide information in your search results.
modern clothing store search screenshot
Nextopia Filter screenshot
filter icon green

Dynamic Filters

  • Effectively narrow down search results with our search engine
  • Fully customizable attributes and refinements (size, color, brand, ratings, reviews, etc.)
  • Dynamic filters on any page with our custom site search
search icon green

Enhanced Autocomplete

  • Instant product matches with every keystroke with the best site search around
  • Partial term & SKU matching
  • Handles singular and plural variations
  • Advanced merchandising
  • Adapts to customer behavior and automatically ranks the best-performing results
Nextopia Demostore Shoe Screenshot
did you mean screenshot
suggestions icon green

“Sounds Like” & “Did You Mean…” Suggestions

  • Save time and avoid spelling errors
  • Error-tolerant fuzzy matching
matching icon green

Custom Synonym Matching

  • Avoid the dreaded “no results found” page
  • Speak your customers’ language
  • Create custom synonym maps
synonym matching screenshot
Mobile responsive
responsive icon green

Mobile-Friendly (Responsive) Design

  • Same great Site Search on your mobile store
  • Fully customizable
  • Intuitive and interactive experience
  • Optimized for small screens

Merchandising Tools

promotion flag icon green

Keyword-Triggered Product Promotions

  • Create customized landing pages for keyword driven product promotions
  • Control what promotional products are shown first.
shoe screenshot
t shirt demo store screenshot
banner icon green

Promotional Banners

  • Enhanced visual merchandising on every page
  • Optimize conversions for specific items with keyword triggered promotional banners
badge icon green

Promotional Badges

  • Merchandise hot items, increase conversions and average order value
promotion banner screenshot
Nextopia Geo Merchandising Banner Examples
geotargeting icon green

Geo Merchandising

  • Create merchandising rules for geographically oriented search results, communications and product promotions.
  • Easily feature different promotions in different locations with highly targeted merchandising rules.
redirect icon green

Redirect Non-Product Searches

  • Direct visitors to the URL of your choice based on specific search terms
  • Bring customers immediately to your contact page, shipping info, etc.

Reporting & Analytics

top search icon green

Top Searches

  • Understand what products are in top demand on your website
  • Use analytics to guide strategic decisions for your business
Top Searches Screenshot
Absolute Zero Results Found Screenshot
zero green icon

Zero Results Found

  • Understand visitor’s desires, frustrations, and needs
  • Discover products you don’t yet carry that are in demand on your site
poor performance icon

Poorly Performing Results

  • Discover poorly performing search result pages
  • Merchandise result pages to increase product engagement
keyword discovery screenshot
green key icon

Keyword Discovery

  • Uncover keywords and phrases to give you a competitive SEO & PPC advantage