Your Hybris store looks great. You have a fabulous selection of products, high-resolution images and some spectacular buyer’s guides. However, are you leaving money on the table? You might be. Unless, of course, you have Nextopia’s Site Search. Nextopia’s Site Search fully integrates with Hybris stores, and it empowers your customers to make all the right decisions while they’re on your site.

Nextopia and Hybris: the Dynamic Duo

With Nextopia’s site search, you’ll be able to offer your customers something that thousands of other online retailers use to maximize profit and to maximize shoppers’ experiences. Functions such as Enhanced Autocomplete and Advanced Search Refinement make site search a one-of-a-kind, must-have tool.

Enhanced Autocomplete for Hybris

Enhanced Autocomplete gives your customers instant product matches because it brings up search suggestions as they type. With our innovative advanced merchandising tools, you’ll help your customers save time, avoid spelling errors and make the right decisions while they’re on your site.

Fast, accurate, intelligent search results

Increase your sales and reduce bounce rates by helping your customers find what they are looking for.  Nextopia site search guides customers to the right products on your site.

Site Search

algorithm icon green

Adaptive search algorithm

  • Automatically ranks your best-performing results based on customer behavior.
  • Fast, accurate, and optimized results to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Visual merchandising for all search queries
  • Includes blogs, videos, and user-guide information in your search results.
modern clothing store search screenshot
Nextopia Filter screenshot
filter icon green

Dynamic Filters

  • Effectively narrow down search results
  • Fully customizable attributes and refinements (size, color, brand, etc.)
  • Product ranking optimized for conversions
  • Dynamic filters on any page
  • Ratings and reviews
search icon green

Automated Keyword Stemming

  • Instant product matches with every keystroke
  • Matches partial terms
  • Handles singular and plural variations
  • Advanced merchandising in search results
  • Adapts to customer behavior and automatically ranks the best-performing results
Nextopia Demostore Shoe Screenshot
did you mean screenshot
suggestions icon green

“Sounds Like” & “Did You Mean…” Suggestions

  • Save time and avoid spelling errors
  • Error-tolerant fuzzy matching
  • “sandels” will find “sandals”
matching icon green

Custom Synonym Matching

  • Avoid the dreaded “no results found” page
  • Speak your customers’ language
  • Create custom synonym maps
synonym matching screenshot
Mobile responsive
responsive icon green

Mobile-Friendly (Responsive) Design

  • Same great Site Search on your mobile store
  • Fully customizable
  • Intuitive and interactive experience
  • Optimized for small screens

Merchandising Tools

promotion flag icon green

Keyword-Triggered Product Promotions

  • Create customized landing pages for keyword driven product promotions
  • Control what promotional products are shown first.
shoe screenshot
t shirt demo store screenshot
banner icon green

Promotional Banners

  • Enhanced visual merchandising on every page
  • Optimize conversions for specific items with keyword triggered promotional banners
badge icon green

Promotional Badges

  • Merchandise hot items, increase conversions and average order value
  • Easily guide your customers to the items you choose
promotion banner screenshot
Nextopia Geo Merchandising Banner Examples
geotargeting icon green

Geo Merchandising

  • Create merchandising rules for geographically oriented search results, communications and product promotion.
  • Create merchandising rules for geographically oriented search results, communications and product promotion.
redirect icon green

Redirect Non-Product Searches

  • Direct visitors to the URL of your choice based on specific search terms
  • Bring customers immediately to your contact page, shipping info, etc.

Product Recommendations

Nextopia - Product Recommendations - Screenshot
Nextopia - You Might Like - Green Icon

You Might Like

  • Display complementary products on any eCommerce site
  • Dynamically generated recommendations based on user behavior
  • Enhanced cross-selling and up-selling opportunities to increase average order value
  • Completely customizable design and layout (fonts, colors, size, etc.)

Reporting & Analytics

top search icon green

Top Searches

  • Understand what products are in top demand on your website
  • Use analytics to guide strategic decisions for your business
Top Searches Screenshot
Absolute Zero Results Found Screenshot
zero green icon

Zero Results Found

  • Understand visitor’s desires, frustrations, and needs
  • Discover products you don’t yet carry that are in demand on your site
poor performance icon

Poorly Performing Results

  • Avoid the ‘no results found’ page
  • Find poorly performing searches to help guide visitors to their desired results
No Exact Phrase Matches Screenshot
keyword discovery screenshot
green key icon

Keyword DIscovery

  • Uncover keywords and phrases to give you a competitive SEO & PPC advantage
  • Find out which keywords are generating the most value on your website