• Fast Accurate Search Results

  • Merchandising

  • Search Refinement

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Fuzzy matching to handle spelling errors

  • Accurately search multiple fields in your database

  • Assign priority to more relevant fields

  • Spell Checking

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Advanced Search Refinement

Empower shoppers to effectively narrow their search results or sort by any relevant field such as size, color or brand.

Present non-product content such as blog, video and user-guide information as part of your search results.


Guide your customers toward a sale by displaying popular search suggestions as they type. Save time, avoid spelling errors, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Ratings and Reviews

Let your shoppers filter and sort search results by ratings.

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Control product ranking within search results on an automated and scheduled basis.

With merchandising you can:

  • Display promotional banners
  • Create custom landing pages
  • Promote selected products

Reporting and Analytics

  • Find out what’s working and what’s not
  • Most popular search terms
  • Highest converting keyword
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Error tolerant fuzzy matching

Error-forgiving logic will return relevant results based on:

  • Partial term matching
  • ‘Sound like’ matching (eg. “sandels” will find “sandals”)
  • Singular and plural variations

Spell correction

Customers are automatically presented with suggestions based on corrected spelling.

“Did you mean?” suggestions

Nextopia Search offers your customers intelligent alternatives to their search queries.


Create a custom synonym map for your products. For example, customers looking for “notebooks” at a computer retailer using “laptop” in their product descriptions will still get relevant results.

Multiple Displays

Display your search results in Grid, List or Hybrid Views.

Blogs, Content and Social Media

Include any content in your search results.


Extend your entire product catalog with the Nextopia Facebook App.

Metrics Driven Ranking

Products are dynamically ranked based on multiple data sources including:

  • Customer search behavior
  • Historical sales data
  • Number of times a product is viewed or purchased
  • Margins, sales rank and inventory levels etc.

Calls to Action

Sell with search — we embed ‘Add to cart’ and ‘More info’ right into your search results.

Search Suggestions

Present your customers with relevant suggestions as they type in your search box.

eCommerce Search: Why Do I Need a Better Search for my Store?

The ability for shoppers to locate products within an online store quickly and easily is of the utmost importance to the success of online retailing. But, all too often, search functionality falls short of providing relevant matches to customers.

Nextopia Search makes it easier for your customers to find the products they are looking for by employing a variety of strategies ranging from merchandising to fuzzy matching to analysis of customer search and purchase behavior.

The end result:

  • An enhanced user experience, satisfaction for the shopper and, in turn, increased sales for the retailer.

Over 1,600 customers use Nextopia Search | View case studies

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