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 “Nextopia has tripled revenue, doubled conversion rate and slashed bounce rate by over 50% from improved search functionality."
Brendan Fleming - Director of eCommerce at Lacrosse Unlimited

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Nextopia Has Helped Over 1700 Online Stores Grow

 “Nextopia has made it easier for our customers to find the flags they're looking for, boosted our conversion rates and helped bring our success to another level, especially in a mobile environment. We looked at several on-site search solutions and remain thrilled that we made the right choice in selecting Nextopia."
Jeffrey Reynolds - President & CEO of American Flags

Nextopia Works With Your Favorite eCommerce Platforms

 Don't see your platform? Don't worry, Nextopia integrates with .ASP, .NET, PHP, Perl, and ColdFusion systems.
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About Nextopia

Nextopia was named a 2016 Leading Vendor for eCommerce Site Search and Navigation solutions by Internet Retailer. Our SaaS-based technology helps online retailers and eCommerce businesses acquire new customers, increase average order value, and boost sales by turning browsers into buyers.

Our dynamic filters and refinements enable customers to sort products quickly on your site, while our adaptive learning algorithm displays the most popular and relevant products first. Enhanced autocomplete, featuring error tolerance and fuzzy matching capabilities help your customers discover everything they need.

Nextopia has helped over 1700 customers since 1999 and continues to innovate with exciting new features and products.

Nextopia Ecommerce Search

Increase sales and reduce your bounce rates with Nextopia’s adaptive search algorithm.

  • Rank your best-performing results based on customer behavior and data.

  • Increase average order value with fast, accurate, and optimized search results.

  • Nurture leads with product guides, videos, blogs, and more in your site search.

Advanced Keyword Stemming

Create a smooth and natural buying journey.

  • Impress shoppers with instant web search engine results with every keystroke.

  • Display products even for incomplete and partial searches.

  • Adapt to customer behavior over time for more customized results.

Merchandising Tools

Entice your shoppers with beautifully presented products and promotions.

  • Draw attention to specific sales with customizable promo banners.

  • Direct shoppers to specific pages and promos based on their locations.

  • Easily create custom landing pages for keyword-drive promotions.

Fuzzy Matching

Don’t let human error affect the quality of your website search engine.

  • Display relevant products despite spelling errors (e.g. “sandels” will display “sandals”).

  • Offer “did you mean” and “sounds like” suggestions for similar products and partial searches.

Dynamic Filters

Give your customers the ultimate shopping experience with further refinements.

  • Increase conversions with custom attributes and refinements based on your store’s needs (e.g. size, brand, color, etc.).

  • Give shoppers more purchasing confidence with rating and review filters.

Custom Synonym Matching

Avoid the dreaded “no results page” which makes shoppers bounce to other stores.

  • Speak your customers’ language with custom synonym maps (for example, you want your “couch” to show up for “sofa” and “chesterfield” searches).

  • Funnel shoppers towards similar or better products to prevent high bounce rates.

Reporting and Analytics

Make intelligent business decisions based on your store’s data.

  • Learn which of your pages convert the most (and least), and what you can do to further optimize your store.

  • Uncover new and relevant keywords to create a seamlessly relevant shopping experience.

Responsive, Mobile Friendly Design

A mobile friendly website search engine isn’t optional, it’s vital if you want to stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Create intuitive and delightful mobile shopping experiences using all of Nextopia’s powerful features.

  • Optimize your store’s search and merchandising for any screen size.

The Importance Of Ecommerce Search

The average attention span of an online shopper is less than 8 seconds. This is shorter than your typical goldfish.

If you can’t provide the best and most relevant results to potential customers, they’ll bounce off your store and head straight to your competition.

Online shoppers expect quality results, and they expect them quickly. With the huge amount of product data available online, shoppers need to be able to process the most important information and make a confident purchasing decision.

And that’s where Nextopia Ecommerce Search comes in. We make it easy to turn your browsers into buyers, and we’ve been helping over 1700 stores since 1999.