Search All Content – eCommerce Conversion Tips

Hello, my name is Eric and welcome to Nextopia eCommerce Labs. I’m here today to share some knowledge from our team of experts about why it is important for your search bar to search all content on your page.

Let’s go over why this is important to a successful website.

All of the information on your website should be easily accessible, not just the products you are selling. Examples of pertinent information that should be returned in search results are shipping information, contact information, blog content, and much more.

Another benefit of making all of your content searchable is a reduction in the amount of phone calls your customer service team receives. By making important information easily findable, your customers will have a better user experience and will be less likely to call your phone lines to ask simple questions about shipping and return policies, for example.

Remember, customers that can’t find what they are looking for often turn into frustrated callers, or—even worse—into your competitor’s customer. Provide your customers with easy access to everything on your site by making all of your content searchable.