Preparing Your Store For Holiday Shoppers – eCommerce Conversion Tips

Hi, I’m Emily and welcome to a special Christmas edition of Nextopia eCommerce Labs. I’m here today to share some knowledge and tips from our team of experts about how you can ensure your eCommerce site is prepared for holiday shoppers.

Let’s quickly start with a few statistics. Total US eCommerce sales are expected to grow about 15.5% during the 2014 holiday season. About one in every five of these sales are predicted to come from mobile devices.

The 2014 holiday season is shorter than most years; there are only 27 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This leaves minimal crunch time for customers to get shopping done. Because there is limited time, it is important to ensure the shopping experience on your eCommerce website is flawless. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for this busy holiday season!

First, make sure the search bar on your site is prominent. Customers are going to be stressed and trying to shop efficiently. If they can’t find the search bar on your site they will go somewhere they can. Don’t give customers a reason to buy from a competitor, make sure your search bar can easily be found and used.

Second, create category pages catered to your shoppers. For example, highlight the deals on your site by creating a clearance page. This will drive your low-cost items to one page and help your customers access these products more efficiently.

Third, include customer ratings and reviews on as many products as possible. Reviews and ratings that come from fellow customers are more trusting. Making this change will help customers to feel more comfortable with their purchase.

After you have prepped your site for the holiday rush, put it to the test. Have someone who hasn’t worked on the site navigate it. Watching someone who is not familiar with your site use it will give you incite into how effective your changes are. For example, if you believe you made your search bar more prominent but the tester had a hard time finding it, this indicates another change may need to be made.

Always remember, make all information accessible for your customers to find. If they become frustrated using your site, they will leave and may not return.

Thanks for watching this special Christmas edition of Nextopia eCommerce Labs and have a happy holiday!