Preparing Your Store for Halloween – eCommerce Conversion Tips

Hi, I’m Emily and welcome to a special Halloween edition of Nextopia eCommerce Labs. I’m here today to share some knowledge from our team of experts about the success of Halloween as eCommerce holiday.

Let’s start by reviewing some key statistics. Halloween is all around a very successful holiday for retail and it is the fourth most popular eCommerce holiday, behind Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. In fact, 60% of consumers spend money to celebrate Halloween.

1/3 of Halloween shoppers start shopping for the holiday one month before its celebration, while the other 2/3s of shoppers begin shopping 1-2 weeks before. 23% of these last minute shoppers will be searching for products to purchase on Halloween.

Halloween shoppers clearly have goals in mind, and some of these goals need to be met within a short period of time. Because of this, it is important to ensure that your site is ready to cater to these last minute shoppers.

First, make sure your search bar is easy to locate. If shoppers are wanting to buy a specific product, they are going to go to your site’s search bar to try and locate it. If the search bar can’t easily be found these shoppers are going to go buy from your competitor.

Second, do your best to offer last minute shipping options. If you can provide last minute shipping options (or free shipping options) to your customers they are going to be more willing to buy.

Third, create custom landing pages for on sale items. If you are wanting to reduce the cost of some products after Halloween ensure that these products are easy to find. Creating a custom landing page will help shoppers to locate and navigate your sale items with ease. After all, 57% of Halloween shoppers will continue to shop for decor when the holiday is passed.

Always remember, don’t give your site visitors a reason to buy from your competitor. Follow our three easy suggestions and you are bound to have a successful eCommerce Halloween season!

Thanks for watching this special Halloween edition of Nextopia eCommerce Labs and have a happy Halloween!