The Ideal Search Bar Location – eCommerce Conversion Tips

Hello, my name is Eric and welcome to Nextopia eCommerce Labs. I’m here today to share some knowledge from our team of experts about the importance of the search box location on your eCommerce website.

Search box placement can have a huge influence on your daily searches performed, conversion rate, and revenue.

The search box should be located on every page of your website. It should also be located in the same place on every page for consistency. Our experts suggest placing your search box in the upper right-hand corner of your website. However, any place above the fold where the search box is clearly marked will also work.

Secondly, your search box position should not be located near any other boxes. For example, many websites have a box where customers can enter their email address in order to sign up for newsletters, receive promotions, or enter contests.

Having these two boxes near each other is going to frustrate and confuse your customers and in turn, may drive them to your competitors’ website.

Remember, don’t give customers a reason to leave your site. Keep your search box location consistent and easy to find. Click here to find out why you can’t ignore site search.

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!