Display Stock & Inventory Levels in Search Results – eCommerce Conversion Tips

Hello, my name is Jaclyn and welcome to Nextopia eCommerce Labs. I’m here today to share some knowledge from our team of experts about the importance of displaying stock and inventory levels in your search results.

When a customer receives their search results, you can choose to display stock numbers next to their results to indicate how many of each product is in stock. This can help guide a customer toward a sale, help with the customer checkout experience and create urgency if the product’s stock is low.

Additionally, you can also save the customer time and frustration by showing that an item is out of stock right on the search results, to avoid having the customer click through to the product page or, even worse, to the cart or checkout stage.

Another online merchandising technique is to show stock “levels” instead of accurate numbers. By showing a customer whether you have “high”, “medium”, or “low” stock of an item, you can deliver information without needing to have an accurate count of your product’s stock.

Remember, you want your customers to know what they are able to buy, and what they are not. Thanks for watching, and we will see you next time!