The Difference Between a Site Search Services and a Plugin – eCommerce Conversion Tips

Hello, my name is Emily and welcome to Nextopia eCommerce Labs. I’m here today to share some knowledge from our team of experts about the difference between Site Search Services and Plugins.

There are three main points that differentiate site search services from plugins.

First, site search services take less work and maintenance. While both options provide reports, the reports from plugins are only useful if you put in the effort to modify your practices. This can take an endless amount of time and money. The reporting available through a site search service like Nextopia, highlights the products that are performing the best in an easy to understand manner. Through this report you are able to learn more about your conversions, bounce rate and average order value.

Second, a site search service provides more resources. Site search providers have a support team and industry experts available to help make implementation seamless. Plugins are more complicated and put a strain on servers.

Third, a site search service has the ability to learn from your customers. While site search services have an intelligent learning algorithm that helps automatically promote your best products to the top of search results, a plugin does not. Plugins lack the intelligent algorithms that power these features.

Remember, do your research. It is important to have a robust search tool on your website to ensure your customers are having an enjoyable shopping experience but also to ensure you have the best tools to run a successful eCommerce business.

Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time!