eCommerce Best Practices – From the Experts

Let’s face it – it might take a lifetime to become an expert in “everything eCommerce.”  (Anyone spent any time in Google Adwords lately)?  In this series of Nextopia eCommerce Labs videos, we’ve done our best to outline the key lessons we’ve learned as we’ve become “experts” in our small corner of eCommerce – site search, autocomplete, website navigation, and mobile site search.

From how to use Google Analytics to review your site search metrics (what? it’s right there, intuitively located under Audience, Behavior, Site Search – we won’t tell the boss you didn’t know), to the importance of autocomplete and the optimal location for a site box, we are site search nerds and proud of it. On a good day, you might even call us experts. But we never, ever stop learning and improving our product so you can increase your sales.