Beating Giants like Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops: The eCommerceOutdoors Story Pt. 1

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Learn how eCommerceOutdoors.com competes against national chain store giants like Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops. By emphasizing customer service and product knowledge, and maximizing online merchandising opportunities using data captured by its site search technology from Nextopia, eCommerceOutdoors.com thrives in a highly competitive market. Part one of a two-part interview with company co-founder and marketing head Patrick Gill.

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Google Commerce Search

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Google’s introduction earlier this week of its “Google Commerce Search” tool–a site search tool designed to improve user experience and boost conversions by employing proper spell checking techniques, keyword stemming, synonyms–has brought a ton of attention to the site search world. For that we’re happy. We’re also happy (a cynic…

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