Why You Need to Invest in Product Data to Improve eCommerce Search

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Why eCommerce Search Matters Site search is critical for enabling customers to easily find what they are looking for in the shortest amount of time. Clicking through categories and filtering products can be slow compared to immediately searching for what you want. The larger your catalog, the more important eCommerce…

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Nextopia Software

Five Ways Nextopia Can Get Your Online Store Ready for Halloween

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Running an eCommerce store is challenging enough as it is and because of this, many online retailers struggle to plan and prepare for every upcoming holiday. Minor holidays, like Halloween, tend to go overlooked as most retailers put all of their energy into preparing for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Boxing Day, despite…

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3 Best Practice Tips for Small eCommerce Businesses

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With the exponentially growing eCommerce world, now is the time to gain recognition, trust, and credibility. Unfortunately, simply opening up and adding products to an online store alone won’t drive traffic to your site. But don’t be discouraged! There are many platforms, in addition to your online store, that will help you grow your business in the eCommerce world.

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Cost of Inaction: Why You Can’t Ignore Site Search

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Even if you have had ineffective site search services/functionalities in the past or don’t think that you can afford the time or money to invest in site search, you may need to reconsider your stance here. Having an effective site search function on your e-commerce site has a number of potential benefits. Customers are accustomed to finding results quickly and accurately from search engines, and will expect a similar experience on e-commerce sites.

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