eCommerce Lab Video: Why Site Search is Important

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To kick off the new year, this week’s eCommerce Labs video gets back to basics, explaining why site search is important. Search is the most vital feature to implement on your eCommerce site. Offering enhanced on-site search will help your customers find what they want with ease. Watch the video…

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Using Site Search Data to Perfect Product Development

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You’ve just come out of an important meeting. Your company is looking to expand and your boss has assigned you and your team the task of generating ideas for a new product to introduce. Filled with excitement, you want to launch something your audience will be receptive to – so you start some initial research. But where do you begin? In this post, we’ll talk about how you can use site search data to improve your product development process and produce products people love.

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4 Signs You Need to Invest in eCommerce Site Search

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When we speak to eCommerce retailers at trade shows or for case studies, they are often shocked at how powerful site search has been for their business. As we learn more about these companies, it’s apparent that many companies experience the common frustrations of poor search, but fail to recognize these as signs to invest in and upgrade their on-site search. In order to avoid the same frustrations, keep these four key signs in mind.

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5 Unknown Benefits of Site Search

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We often discuss site search through a quantitative lens – emphasizing a lower bounce rate, increased conversion rates, or a greater average order value. These critical benefits galvanize the importance of quantitative analysis in business. But what about the qualitative aspects? These relatively unknown benefits complete the picture and provide a full understanding of the power site search has.

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