Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Across the Ocean

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday, long a North American tradition, is becoming a British one, too Black Friday and Cyber Monday, generally considered distinctly North American traditions, have quickly crossing the ocean and taken UK digital retailers by storm. Despite not celebrating Thanksgiving in the last month of November, UK…

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A ‘Second-Screen Experience’ for the Holiday Season

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As we reach the midway point of October, speculation is becoming rampant regarding the sales outlook for this holiday season—and right now, the outlook is extremely positive for eCommerce retailers. In addition to a forecast from Deloitte last month which anticipated a 14% online sales increase through the holiday season,…

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The Importance of Trust in eCommerce

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You’re walking down the street on a beautiful sunny day in Italy. Amongst beautiful scenery and busy streets a man approaches you. Smiling, he makes simple conversation before asking if you would be interested in a highly discounted Gucci bag. Despite your desire to own it, you don’t buy it. Why? Trust. You didn’t trust the authenticity of the product itself; or you didn’t trust the seller. The importance of trust is obvious in the real world, but the lines blur when we enter the eCommerce industry. Much like you didn’t buy the bag, many shoppers won’t buy your product if they don’t trust you.

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eCommerce Trends: Men vs. Women

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Men and women prefer different products, colours, and even marketing promotions. But if this is such commonplace knowledge, then why do retailers often amalgamate both genders into one general audience? We know that men and women have different buying behaviours and it’s time to start designing our stores to appreciate this fact. We’ve compiled reports from different eCommerce publications to dive deeper into the peculiarities of each gender, and how you can leverage these subtleties for your organization.

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The World Cup of eCommerce: Are You Playing?

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The World Cup is a global goliath, with the capacity to unite nations and their people around a common cause – soccer. There are very few events with the ability to reach an audience of this size, all of which are attentive and engaged due to the love of the game. With such an exorbitant level of engagement from the fans themselves, the World Cup also presents a profound opportunity for eCommerce retailers to capitalize on the excitement and camaraderie of the competition through online sales.

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