A ‘Second-Screen Experience’ for the Holiday Season

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As we reach the midway point of October, speculation is becoming rampant regarding the sales outlook for this holiday season—and right now, the outlook is extremely positive for eCommerce retailers. In addition to a forecast from Deloitte last month which anticipated a 14% online sales increase through the holiday season,…

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Mitigating the “Amazon Effect”

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Mitigating the “Amazon Effect” Amazon has, in every regard, become the behemoth of online retail. Sitting at number nine on the Alexa global website ranking and number one on the Internet Retailer ranking, it has long established itself as the top global marketplace. However, a recent study shows that it…

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Using Site Search Data to Perfect Product Development

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You’ve just come out of an important meeting. Your company is looking to expand and your boss has assigned you and your team the task of generating ideas for a new product to introduce. Filled with excitement, you want to launch something your audience will be receptive to – so you start some initial research. But where do you begin? In this post, we’ll talk about how you can use site search data to improve your product development process and produce products people love.

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The World Cup of eCommerce: Are You Playing?

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The World Cup is a global goliath, with the capacity to unite nations and their people around a common cause – soccer. There are very few events with the ability to reach an audience of this size, all of which are attentive and engaged due to the love of the game. With such an exorbitant level of engagement from the fans themselves, the World Cup also presents a profound opportunity for eCommerce retailers to capitalize on the excitement and camaraderie of the competition through online sales.

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The Rise of Mobile Shopping: 60% of U.S. Retail Sales Will Involve the Web by 2017

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According to a report by Forrester Research Inc., 60% of all US retail sales will involve the internet in some way (making an actual purchase online, or conducting research on a product online before purchasing in-store) by 2017. This is a staggering number that predicts that the rapid growth of the eCommerce industry will continue in the near future. However, the main factor in the increase of web participation in retail purchases is the rise of mobile shopping.

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Nextopia Customer Gallery Furniture Gives Away $7 Million in Superbowl Contest

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Nextopia customer Gallery Furniture made headlines around the world for their unprecedented Superbowl contest where they gave away $7,000,000 in rebates to customers. The contest promised every customer who spent over $6,000 during the promotional period a full rebate if the Seattle Seahawks won the Superbowl.

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