BigCommerce Partner Summit 2019 Highlights

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BigCommerce Partner Summit 2
The BigCommerce Partner Summit was a two day event during the spookiest month of the year, hosted in The Lone Star State’s very own Austin. After kicking off the trip with some famously amazing barbeque, our partner team was eager to meet and network with both BigCommerce and our agency and tech partners.

The event kicked off on the eve of the 23rd with a welcome reception at the lovely BigCommerce head office. We followed this with a partner dinner at Loro, Austin’s top location for Asian smokehouse cuisine.

The Summit began on the morning of the 24th with a keynote from BigCommerce CEO, Brent Bellm. BigCommerce takes pride in being the mid-market solution, focusing exclusively on developing a strong platform and utilizing tech partners for necessary features such as search and checkout functions.

BigCommerce Partner Summit 1
The majority of the day was spent in breakout sessions. One of the main topics discussed was “headless commerce”; this is a term our team has heard all year from customers and agencies alike. Headless commerce refers to the de-coupling of the front and back end of a commerce platform, separating the content presentation layer and the business logic layer. BigCommerce wants to assist their partners in navigating this new technology and allow their merchants to adopt this method in their online stores.

Additionally, BigCommerce is clearly establishing itself as a premier platform for B2B organizations and has worked tirelessly alongside its technology partners, including Nextopia, to provide a best-in-class solution for a latent, yet emerging eCommerce market.

The day closed with a networking hour at The Roosevelt Room. There, our team was able to connect with many of our partners, such as Redline Minds, oBundle, and dotdigital. Even though Austin was struck with poor weather, our team braved the storm!

Austin has always been a favoured city of ours, and being there for an amazing Partner Summit was icing on the cake! Thank you to the BigCommerce Partner Summit for hosting such a fun and informative event. Already counting down the days until next year.

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