5 Red Hot Tips to Fire-Up Your Holiday eCommerce Sales

By November 4, 2019holidays
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Online holiday spending broke all previous records in 2018, and is forecast to grow a further 14-18% this year. For some retailers, up to 30% of annual revenue is generated during the holiday season. Follow these top tips to capture your shoppers’ attention, increase average order value and generate repeat customers long after the holidays are over. For more, watch the full 10 Red Hot Tips to Fire Up Your Holiday eCommerce Sales webinar!

1. Provide a Gift Finder Tool

Offer a virtual assistant to help shoppers narrow down their search for the perfect gift, much like an in-store assistant would offer advice to undecided customers. Through a series of questions, a gift finder tool can identify who the gift is for, what their preferences or interests are, and what budget the shopper has. Automatically return a selection of carefully refined, relevant gift suggestions to streamline product discovery and enhance the overall shopping experience.

Gift Finder

2. Create Custom Landing Pages

With an increased volume and frequency of marketing campaigns taking place in the run up to the holidays, custom landing pages can provide a valuable opportunity to optimize flash sales and special offers. Prepare and schedule landing pages ahead of time to minimize your workload during busy periods, or quickly create last minute promotions as required. Ensure merchandising banners are included to highlight the time sensitive nature of your offers.

Custom Landing Page

3. Monitor Keyword Behavior

As the holiday season approaches, shoppers will begin researching the brands and products they plan to purchase during the sales. Review your site reporting to identify the specific terms they are searching for. If there are differences between the language your customers use and the wording of your product names and descriptions, take some time to set your rules and redirects accordingly. Keyword data can also reveal interesting search trends to consider when planning your holiday campaigns.

Keyword Behavior

4. Leverage Product Recommendations

Cross-sells and up-sells are a powerful way to increase average order value during the holiday season. Beyond product pages, recommendations can also be incorporated on the homepage, no results found page and PPC landing pages to entice shoppers to add an additional item to their cart. Monitor your recommendations reporting to assess how your strategies are performing and continuously improve your approach.

Product Recommendations

5. Tailor the Customer Journey

Personalizing the shopping experience on your online store drives sales, increases average order value and decreases post-holiday returns. As customers interact with your site, machine learning technology can adapt everything from search results to product recommendations based on their individual preferences. Display more relevant products and streamline the path to purchase with an AI-powered personalization solution.


PersonalizationTo learn more about the above tips and solutions, and to access five more top tips for the holidays, watch the 10 Red Hot Tips to Fire-Up Your Holiday eCommerce Sales webinar!

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