Nextopia Partner Spotlight – Irish Titan

By October 22, 2019Partners
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Nextopia Partner Spotlight Irish Titan

Nextopia proudly works with a network of talented and trusted partners. We’re excited to be spotlighting Irish Titan!

1. Tell us a bit about Irish Titan

Irish Titan is an eCommerce agency using only local Titans (no contractors, freelancers, or offshore resources) to deliver “Business First. Online Second.”™ solutions. We’re experienced in working with our clients from inception to launch, from branding to builds, from acquisition to conversion. Our Titan clan includes strategists, marketing, creative and technology employees, providing our clients with a high touch, white glove “Partnerships, Not Transactions” experience. Our best clients are those with eCommerce properties, or complex, strategic digital properties.

2. Why do you think optimizing your search and merchandising is important to both eRetailers and shoppers?

For retailers, it is all about improving conversions, which is best accomplished with impactful user experiences. When you have a lot of different SKUs, optimizing search and implementing faceted and dynamic filtering has proven to be one of the best methods for boosting conversions in our experience.

3. Does your company have any exciting news coming up that you can tell us about?

We just had our most successful Ecomm Forum event. 15 national sponsors and nearly 500 attendees gathered for a half-day of industry speakers, panels, and networking, and notably, 64% of the attendees were merchants.

4. Which third party extensions do you recommend as key for eCommerce sites?

Dotdigital, Annex Cloud, Nextopia, ShipStation and ShipperHQ.

5. What’s your company’s favorite motto?

Business First. Online Second.™ (Darin, our CEO, actually trademarked this and is SUPER proud of it.) Essentially, it means that we want to understand your business so we are building the right experience for your customers and your business processes on the right platform. Every business situation is unique and we want to help you define your requirements to ensure we are building the right experience. It’s not about technology for the sake of technology.

6. Tell us an interesting fact about the Irish Titan team!

Every year, we shut down the office for St. Titan’s Day (really St. Patrick’s day) and have a company-wide party in the office that is planned by all the new hires. We are also closed for the day after this party.

“Working with Nextopia was straightforward and hassle-free. The direct access to their software engineers really helped in answering our questions quickly, and their knowledgeable account managers ensured that our project stayed on pace.”

– Mike Hoagland, Senior Digital Project Manager at Irish Titan

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