Introducing the “Compatible with” feature within the Nextopia Recommendations Suite

By October 11, 2019eCommerce
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The newest addition to Nextopia’s Recommendations suite launched this week, introducing the option to display compatible products alongside the item being viewed on an eCommerce site.

The “Compatible with” feature is particularly useful for eCommerce retailers who sell electronic, industrial or scientific products, where individual devices are only compatible with specific accessories, for example.

Fashion retailers can also avail of this tool by branding it as a “complete the look” feature on the front end of their site. If a shopper is viewing a blazer for example, the matching waistcoat and trousers can be recommended as a complementary purchase.

Another example, as outlined below, is sporting goods and accessories. For the snowboard on this particular site, customers can instantly see which boot bindings will fit this specific board.

Not only does this prompt shoppers to consider an additional related purchase, it also streamlines the shopping experience. Customers don’t need to execute an additional search on your site – or worse, leave your site to Google the details of compatible accessories – in order to complete a multi-product purchase.

Compatible products are assigned in the dashboard based on product SKUs. If you are an existing Nextopia client using the Cross-Sell/Up-Sell solution, the new “Compatible with” feature is already available in your Recommendations dashboard – reach out to your Customer Success representative to learn more.

To learn how this feature, and the rest of our Recommendations suite, could benefit your eCommerce store, request a demo with one of our eCommerce experts!

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