Nextopia Elite Partner Spotlight – Trellis

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With our new Partner Program came new partner statuses. Over the next few weeks, we’re excited to be highlighting Nextopia’s Elite partners. These are partners that we work very closely with to help merchants build and manage successful eCommerce stores.

Our first Elite partner that we would like to spotlight is Trellis. We interviewed Isaiah Bollinger, CEO of Trellis, to learn more about this Boston based digital agency and information technology company. Trellis has been a partner of Nextopia’s for almost two years now, and we look forward to what the future has in store for us.

Now on to the interview!

1. Tell us a bit about Trellis

Started in 2012 by CEO Isaiah Bollinger, Trellis has become a Boston based eCommerce leader in digital transformation. Trellis is a forward-thinking digital agency and information technology company that focuses on building scalable and effective websites for our clients. Our tactical approach to improving your website and web presence focuses on four major targets: Strategy, design, technology & operations, and post launch maintenance & marketing.

Our capabilities allow us to plan and design a solution that not only meets your specific goals and budget today but will also scale with you as you grow. Once a site is launched, we stick side by side with our clients to help them improve the site and market the site to generate more customers.

2. Why do you think search, navigation, and recommendations are important? What are the main challenges your clients face in these areas?

The value of eCommerce is speed and convenience. Arguably the most convenient way to buy with eCommerce is to search for what you want. Between search, navigation, and recommendations, that is how users find the products they want on any website. I think clients underestimate how much time goes into getting the right data for this. This data requires thought and care to be effective. You can’t have great search, navigation, filtering etc. without great product data that powers this.

3. Does Trellis have any exciting news coming up that you can tell us about?

Trellis is in an exciting position in that we completed our merger with Growth Spark at the end of 2018 and moved into our new headquarters in March 2019. We are aggressively launching some new initiatives and building out more teams to improve our services. We are officially a full-service eCommerce digital agency with our marketing division built out in 2018 as well! Trellis was also featured as 840 on the Inc 5000 2019 list.

4. Which third party extensions do you recommend as key for eCommerce sites?

I think a reviews platform like Yotpo is critical as well as search, rewards, subscription (if you need it), email marketing, and oftentimes an integration application like Celigo.

5. What’s Trellis’ favorite motto?

Many companies underestimate the time investment and level of skill required to do great work. “You get what you pay for.” We believe strongly in paying more for great work for both the vendors we use and the employees we hire.

6. Tell us an interesting fact about the Trellis team!

The Trellis team is made up of over 10 nationalities. We are becoming a more and more diverse team!

“Trellis helped us every step of the way. We were not sure what platform to go with and they helped us analyze several options and we worked with them to pick the best one for our business needs. They implemented the Shopify Plus store on budget and we are now seeing strong improvements to sales and continue to use Trellis for ongoing improvements!”

Josh Silvia, eCommerce Director

Trellis Specializations

Trellis is a full-service eCommerce solution provider that specializes in implementing websites based on popular platforms like Magento, Shopify, WordPress, and BigCommerce. We also work with other technologies like Laravel, AWS, Netsuite, Vue.JS and more. Additionally, we have partnered with many different eCommerce technologies that add to platforms like Shopify, such as Nextopia.


We’re proud to have worked together on clients such as:

“We’ve found search, filtering and product recommendations a core component to any successful e-commerce website. Nextopia has been our go-to solution for Shopify Plus clients. Their team is highly accessible and invested in collaboration both with us as an agency and the merchant.”

– Ross Beyeler, COO at Trellis

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