Why You Need to Invest in Product Data to Improve eCommerce Search

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eCommerce Site Search Data

Why eCommerce Search Matters

Site search is critical for enabling customers to easily find what they are looking for in the shortest amount of time. Clicking through categories and filtering products can be slow compared to immediately searching for what you want. The larger your catalog, the more important eCommerce search becomes.

Visitors that search on your site are almost twice as likely to buy! Imagine not optimizing for site search?

Search is now AI-Capable

Search can now be powered by AI, meaning it learns as more people use it and provides better results. Platforms like Nextopia are investing in AI so that you can leverage this intelligence without having to build it yourself. All you have to do is implement the technology into your eCommerce store via a one-step native app installation.

With third party search tools, you can bring the power of AI to your website without the heavy cost of AI engineers.

Product Data Powers Search

Search is only going to be as good as the data it has. The two key areas to focus on when it comes to data are customer usage and product data. Unfortunately you cannot control exactly how many customers use your search, but you can control your product data.

Without lots of data such as size, description, color, length, width, price, and many other attributes, it’s hard for eCommerce search to be effective. The more structured data you can provide for search, the better your search will be.

Methods for Improving Product Data

  1. Look to third parties: It’s not always possible to do it all yourself and you may need to rely on manufacturers or third party vendors like Etilize to get you the data you need. There are many vendors to choose from in this space.
  2. Research competitors: Competitors will sometimes have a headstart in gathering product data. Learn from them and make sure you at least meet the status quo.
  3. Invest in copywriting: Product data shouldn’t be neglected and needs to be handled by high-quality, professional copywriters. Invest in great writers and the right team to build great product data.
  4. Invest in reviews: Reviews can help you get additional product data beyond what you can do on your own. Solutions like Yotpo are great for this!

Investing In A PIM

One of the biggest problems we see with product data is simply organizing the product data itself. This can feel overwhelming for companies and oftentimes an eCommerce platform or ERP is not ideal for this. 

Once you reach a certain size, I highly recommend looking into a product information management solution (PIM). Products like Salsify are great for helping you stay organized and integrating with your eCommerce platform, as well as the many channels like marketplaces / retailers. This solution can make it much easier for your team to manage and update product data compared to an eCommerce platform that is often somewhat technical and not ideal for business users who just want to update product data. 

Isaiah Bollinger is Chief Executive Officer at Trellis. Isaiah co-founded Trellis in order to design and develop web experiences that would provide a business, either large or small, a competitive advantage on the Internet. Isaiah has extensive experience managing WordPress, Magento, and Shopify projects, custom web applications, third party integrations, and many different types of Internet marketing campaigns. Through Isaiah’s leadership, Trellis is a one of kind eCommerce solutions agency that is able to offer an entire technology and marketing solution from conception to healthy growth in online sales.

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