Nextopia Partner Spotlight: Noticed

By May 14, 2019Partners
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Nextopia proudly works with a network of talented and trusted partners. We’re excited to be spotlighting Noticed.

We got a chance to interview E.M. Ricchini, Agency Marketing Manager at Noticed. Read on to learn more about this Philadelphia-based digital commerce, optimization, and marketing agency!

1. Tell us a bit about Noticed.

Noticed was started in 2015 with the goal of disrupting a market largely dominated by old school practices and legacy technologies. At the time, we offered something that’s now commonplace, but then, seemed a bit radical: adding value to our slice of the flourishing, fast-paced ecommerce space by offering hyper-focused services. We became one of the first Shopify Plus partners and since then, have expanded to offer optimization and marketing services.

2. What platforms and industries do you usually work with?

For our ecommerce and optimization services, we’re a Shopify and Shopify Plus-only agency. We’ve migrated many shops from other platforms and provide long-term expert strategy for growth. As far as industry goes, we work with direct-to-consumer merchants from all across the spectrum but at the moment, we’re focusing on fashion and apparel, lifestyle and wellness, and beauty and cosmetics.

3. Why do you think search, navigation, and recommendations are important? What are the main challenges your clients face with these? 

Ecommerce has grown into such a behemoth of an industry in recent years that the competition for merchants is something that needs to be kept top-of-mind when considering growth strategy. If a shopper can’t find something quickly and easily, they’ll go elsewhere for it. We’ve seen that when search, navigation, and recommendations are improved as a part of the overarching plan to improve an ecommerce site’s presence, conversion rates and other key metrics improve.

For clients with large and varied offerings, it can be a challenge to determine a strategy that will put important items in the spotlight without overwhelming the shopper. Thanks to extensive A/B testing (among other methods) we’ve gotten a pretty good idea of how to make this happen.

4. Does Noticed have any exciting news coming up that you can tell us about?

It’s not necessarily news, but we’re currently working on creating educational opportunities and collateral for merchants who know they want to take the next step to grow their ecommerce business but aren’t quite sure what, how, or why. For example, how would a merchant know whether a redesign would be better for them than ongoing optimization? We want to leverage our expertise to empower merchants to make more educated decisions. (And to be confident in those decisions!)

5. Which third party extensions do you recommend key for eCommerce sites?

Aside from Nextopia, of course, we tend to find ourselves recommending Klaviyo, Yotpo, Smile.io, and Gorgias quite often.

6. What’s Noticed’s favorite motto?

“Never settle.” It’s one of our four team values but we think it’s the one that paves the way for the other three, “invest, live, and be humble.”

7. Tell us an interesting fact about the Noticed team!

More or less, we’re all foodies—which is good, because our office is in Old City, Philadelphia’s historic district. Not only is the area walkable, we also happen to be surrounded by some of the best places to grab lunch in the city. If you’re in Old City around noon on a workday, you’ll undoubtedly see the Noticed team out and about and grabbing food. (We couldn’t unanimously agree on a restaurant recommendation to share here so we’ll just say that if you’re visiting, head over to The Bourse and follow your heart.)

Noticed team

To learn more about Noticed, visit their website. Also, check out their blog page for ecommerce and Shopify tips!

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