eCommerce Heartbreakers Valentine’s Day Infographic

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The eCommerce shopping experience shares much in common with the emotional highs and lows of love and romance. And what better way to capture that roller coaster of emotions than by visually capturing the heartmakers and heartbreakers that make or break the sale. This Valentine’s Day Infographic highlights eCommerce stats that merchants will love. It breaks down, by the numbers, the ways to attract or repel shoppers to and from the products they desire.

This February 14, avoid being a heartbreaker by ensuring you’re putting your store’s best foot forward in front of shoppers. Use product recommendations to create personalized experiences that engage each customer by serving up additional product suggestions. Leverage landing pages to attract customers to your websites during this online holiday and re-engage the indecisive ones. And finally, leverage promotional banners by specific search terms, to increase visibility of your advertisements such as discounts or promotions. In doing so, eCommerce heartmakers can expect to see increased AOV, higher conversions, and more sales!

eCommerce Valentine's Day Infographic | Nextopia


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