February Partner Spotlight: AmeriCommerce

By February 27, 2018Ecommerce Platform
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Nextopia proudly works with a network of talented and trusted partners. Every month, we choose one partner that significantly stood out to us, and interview them. Congratulations to this months’s winner –AmeriCommerce!

Check out our interview with the Jack Cravy, to find out this Texas-based platform’s exciting roadmap for 2018.

1.Tell us about yourself

My name is Jack Cravy, and I’m the Vice President and Head of Operations here at AmeriCommerce. I have an awesome wife, two beautiful children and one lazy dog.

2. What does AmeriCommerce do?

AmeriCommerce is an ecommerce software meant for the power user. Our platform specializes in robust functionality and features for high volume merchants.  We have really awesome B2B features, Wholesale capabilities, and we handle stores with very complex product customization needs.

But at the end of the day, it’s our Multi-Store management that completely sets us apart from any other ecommerce platform on the market.

3. We know that AmeriCommerce has had some great accomplishements in 2017 -including acquiring itself! Is there an accomplishement that you’re particulary proud of?

It’s been a big year indeed! So far this year we’ve done some incredible things such as partnered with Cloudflare (see here), automated SSL’s, added some cool apps and features, and improved our platform’s infrastructure by leaps and bounds. Plus, we’re not done yet. 2017 had the big news – but it’s the accomplishments of 2018 still to come that our customers will remember.

4. What do you think will be the next hot thing in eCommerce, in 2018?

Are we allowed to say ourselves?

5. What’s new with AmeriCommerce for 2018? Any exciting news that you can tell us about?

AmeriCommerce is continuing to improve the platform in several ways, and that all starts with 2018. Aside from our big announcements so far, we like to keep a tight lid on the exact details of what’s to come. You’ll have to sign up for our email newsletter or follow us on social media to see what we’re up to!

6. What is your work culture like?

If you walked into our office right now you’d see an office themed like a tech-savvy pirate ship rittled with nerf guns and darts on every desk. Needless to say we like to have fun, but we get the job done.

AmeriCommerce office

7. With the start of the new year upon us, what is your best advice for ecommerce retailers?

The advice I give to all ecommerce retailers is keep pushing. Anyone can build an online store or list products in a marketplace. But the true entrepeneurs that are pushing through adversity, being patient, and sticking to their business plans are the ones that are finding real success.

Ecommerce can be a rocky road to travel, so make sure you are well equipped with the right attitude and the right platform.

8. With your current knowledge of on-site search, why do you think it’s important for a merchant to invest in this solution?

AmeriCommerce is full of customers with online stores that have very deep product counts. Due to the Wholesale and B2B features of the AmeriCommerce platform, it’s not uncommon for a customer to have over 10,000+ skus.

As an online store owner, you are always battling how to effectively get your customers to find what they are looking for easier. Nextopia is a must have for high inventory stores in today’s day and age.

9. You’ve integrated Nextopia before- how did you find the integration? Have you gotten any feedback from your clients?

Whenever we sign up a new customer with Nextopia, it’s because there is a lot of value being added to the way their visitors are going to interact with their product catalog. It’s a fantastic integration as well as a fantastic product and our customers love it.

10. Do you or your clients have a favorite Nextopia tool?

Most people seem to gravitate to the autocomplete features in on-site search. It’s handy for complex product names and long item numbers. Plus, it’s just cool.

11. What is it like working with the Nextopia team?

Working with your team has been a fantastic experience. Our users love working with Nextopia and our dev/support techs have never had a single issue onboarding a client. This is the type of partnership we strive and hope for with all of our partners.

To find out more about AmeriCommerce, check out their website here.

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