November Partner Spotlight: oBundle

By November 28, 2017Developers, Partners
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This month’s featured partner is Austin based oBundle! They are a design and web development firm specializing in the BigCommerce platform.

Nextopia has worked on a couple of projects with oBundle, and their team has been nothing but amazing to work with. Most importantly, they are extremely talented in what they do.

We got a chance to interview Andrew Riggins, oBundle’s Found and Owner, and we asked him all things eCommerce.

1. What makes oBundle different from other agencies?

Andrew Riggins has insider knowledge of the inner workings of the BigCommerce platform, as he worked there for over a year. In doing so, he realized that their was a need for a BigCommerce partner with the speciality skills he could offer.

2. Does oBundle have any exciting news or upcoming plans that you can tell us about?

We have an application in development for the BigCommerce App Store. We also have more themes up our sleeve. Currently, we have three custom themes for resale.

3. Why do you think on-site search, navigation and merchandising is important? What are some of the challenges your customers are facing?

oBundle’s clients are constantly looking for ways to improve their store’s Product Funnel. This is the path the customer takes from initially landing on your store – to completion of the transaction.

Robust on-site search and filtering allows our clients with large, complex product catalogs to present product information in a digestible, easy to navigate, structure. This allows the customers to make informed decisions without having to reach out and contact the store.

“Ease of use and information gathering naturally leads to higher conversion rates.” -Andrew Riggins

4. Do you have a favorite Nextopia tool?

The ability to write logic for search results based on the query parameters. Or, in other words, display particular results based on the user’s search terms (as opposed to being at the mercy of a built in search tool, that has no logic system that may be edited).

5. You’ve integrated Nextopia before -how did you find the integration? What kind of results have your clients seen so far?

Our clients who use Nextopia have a higher conversion rate than those clients with similar stores without. Integrating Nextopia is always straightforward and the Nextopia tech team is a pleasure to work with.

6. What is it like working with the Nextopia team?

It’s a pleasure! Communication is always quick and transparent. We recommend Nextopia for a reason!

7. What is oBundle’s favorite motto/ quote?

We are experts, not salesmen.

8. Tell us an interesting fact about oBundle

oBundle has serviced over 400 BigCommerce stores since opening in 2014.

To learn more about oBundle and their recent work, visit their website.

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