September Partner Spotlight: Growth Spark

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RossThis month’s awesome partner of the month is Massachusetts based Growth Spark! This eCommerce agency has been our partner since June and have nothing but amazed us with their amazing support, and talent with eCommerce.

Growth Spark helps e-commerce companies grow by building unique web experiences that convert visitors into customers, implementing technology that streamlines operations and using data to guide marketing decisions. They’re an award winning, nationwide team that’s worked with startups, retailers and global enterprises including Bose, Johnny Cupcakes, Newbury Comics and NOBULL.


We got a chance to interview Ross Beyeler, the Founder and CEO of the company, and got his take on all things eCommerce!

1. Tell us a little bit about Growth Spark’s history. How did your agency start?

I originally started Growth Spark as a freelance practice in my last two semesters at Babson College as a means of making some extra cash and working down my student loans. Initially, I was doing any sort of web-related work that local businesses would pay me to complete. By the time I was nearing graduation, I had built up a large enough client-base to continue full-time. I quickly realized that my skills and interests were more on the strategy and sales side of work. I then started bringing on designers, developers and project managers to help tackle the actual services I was selling.

Up until 2013/2014, we were actually focused entirely on WordPress-related design and development. As we began to see a rise in product companies stemming from crowdfunding platforms, and a rise in the capabilities of hosted e-commerce solutions, we decided to refocus our entire business on Shopify. For the last few years, we’ve continued that focus and have enjoyed every minute of it.

2. What kind of projects, industries and platforms does your company focus on?

We focus exclusively on working with e-commerce merchants using Shopify as their platform. We’ve helped a number of merchants migrate to Shopify, and others improve their existing Shopify stores. Although we’re fairly industry-agnostic, we’ve done quite a bit of work with apparel, food & beverage, home goods and general consumer products.

3. Why do you think search & navigation is important? What are some of the main challenges that your clients face with search?

We strongly believe that conversion is the primary goal for any e-commerce website, which naturally relies on the ability for customers to easily find the right product on a merchant’s website. That being said, we find that having a strong set of search and filtering capabilities sits as the backbone for any merchant.

The biggest challenge that most of our clients face is figuring out how to simplify their existing search and filtering options. Often, “less is more” when it comes to helping customers find the right products.

4. Have you integrated Nextopia before?

Yes! One of the biggest reasons we recommend Nextopia as our go-to search and filtering solution is the hands-on approach that the Nextopia team has with the integration process. They’re actively involved with our clients and ensure that all search functionality meets our design specs 100%. It’s made development easier for us and the results more predictable for our clients.

5. What is it like working with the Nextopia team?

Whether it’s our Partner Rep or our client’s Implementation Specialist, we always see fast and reliable communication from anyone at Nextopia.

6. Does Growth Spark have any exciting news coming up that you can tell us about?

We’re working on a series of tools to help merchants and other Shopify Partners in managing the ‘data migration’ aspects of a Shopify project. We’re hoping to release more information about them later 2017.

Shopify Unite

Ross speaking at Shopify Unite 2017

7. Which third partner extensions do you recommend key for eCommerce sites?

Some of the other tools that we often recommend include:

8. What’s Growth Spark’s favorite motto?

“Set expectations and meet expectations. If we constantly do those two things, we’ll always succeed.”

9. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself or your team!

Although half of our team is based in Boston, we’re actually a distributed company. I’ve spent the last 12 months running the company while traveling around the U.S. on a motorcycle! 😎

To learn more about Growth Spark, visit their website. Also, check out their awesome eCommerce tips and Shopify how-to’s, on their blog page!

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