4 Ways Nextopia’s Site Search Helps Convert More Holiday Shoppers on Magento

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The holiday season is fast approaching, and e-merchants like yourself are beginning to think about customizations and campaigns to help drive conversion on their sites. The annual increase in shoppers brings both repeat customers and first-time users who are unfamiliar with your environment.

One of the most valuable navigation tools for converting purchase-ready holiday shoppers into customers is the search feature. A recent study showed that while only 13% of sessions used on-site search features in Q1 of 2017, 31% of revenue was generated from those sessions.

As a Magento merchant, you have the tools – such as visual merchandising and content staging – to seamlessly transition into the holiday season. But with nearly one-third of your revenue coming from search, you want to be sure the feature is streamlined to deliver the results users are looking for.

Magento’s native Elasticsearch is a great tool for those with trained search optimization staff, while Nextopia provides a hands-off solution with the enticing search features you need to convert more holiday shoppers. Here are some of Nextopia’s key strengths that make it happen.

1. Intelligent Site Search and Enhanced Autocomplete 

Whether they’re a first-timer or a returning customer looking to take advantage of your holiday deals, the Nextopia search bar gives visitors a powerful way to find items and bridge the gap between terms and product.

The autocomplete and suggested item components both use an adaptive algorithm to update results on a keypress basis, meaning from the first letter, intelligent search suggestions are displayed in the search console. This algorithm’s outputs can be configured in your Magento admin to push particular products to the top, but typically merchants use sales and behavioral data to automatically populate the results.

Nextopia Site Search

Unlike other search tools, Nextopia allows your customers to view product images, potential search terms, and product categories before advancing to the results page. This feature reduces dropoff by eliminating a navigation step and getting users to the right product pages faster. Simplifying your customer’s search journey will help you combat industry average cart abandonment rates of 69.23%.

2. Intuition, Fuzzy Matching and Synonyms

Your store should produce relevant search results even if customers don’t utilize your search box’s suggestions. Especially during the holiday season, when competition is at its peak, your site needs to provide accurate results that adapt to customers’ word choices, or they could leave your site.

After users submit an unsuggested term, Nextopia finds the closest possible match to what they’re looking for by detecting and correcting any spelling errors (called “Fuzzy Matching”). The tool goes a step further with synonyms, which associates similar words and redirects away from “No Results Found” page. Think of a user browsing purses but searching the term “satchel” instead.

These tools empower gift buyers with the functionality they need to find specific products that they are personally unfamiliar with. Regardless of whether they know how to spell the product or brand, Nextopia’s search helps them easily navigate to the correct page, ultimately avoiding exits prompted by frustration.

3. Dynamic Filters

Nextopia’s filtering tool provides a way for you to maintain the attention of browsers and narrow their product search in a logical way. Easy to understand and use, the dynamic filters can be configured to include nearly any Magento attribute  -such as brand, color, and size -and display the number of applicable results before the parameter is even selected.

Nextopia Filters & Site Search


Using Nextopia’s filters allows customers to quickly find products and eliminate wasteful interactions, such as viewing pages for out-of-stock items. By streamlining user experience with results filters, you can lead customers to the right pages, increase conversion rates, and earn repeat customers from the annual wave of holiday shoppers.

4. Foundation that Drives Engagement

Nextopia’s site search tools are built on a foundation that provides an easy user experience, strategic flexibility, and increased conversion rates. Some areas where the back-end architecture helps separate Nextopia as a complete search solution include:

  • Integration with Magento – Connect Nextopia’s intelligent site search with Magento Commerce to enhance native search functionality
  • Built-In Data Intelligence – Use sales data to automate search suggestions with high-grossing products
  • Simple Management – Optimize your search with staging environments and drag-and-drop merchandising
  • Processing Speed – Accelerate the customer journey with real-time suggestions and industry-best load times
  • Responsive Design – Create a true multichannel experience with all Nextopia features extending to any device

Nextopia Mobile Site Search

How Kenisum can Supercharge Your Site Search

As a trusted integration partner of both Nextopia and Magento, Kensium has the resources to implement and optimize Nextopia search on your Magento store in one day. This project can include the deployment of the tool, prioritization of any popular holiday items, and any other search-related refinements you have to win over holiday visitors.
If you want to learn more about Kensium’s Magento capabilities or how we can help boost your store for the holidays, visit www.kensiumsolutions.com/magento-capabilities.

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