Nextopia’s eCommerce Summer Sale Ideas

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There are many strategies your eCommerce business can employ to beat the sales slump that accompanies summer. Here are some of our favourite summer sale ideas.

Think of special holidays and critical events, such as back-to-school, to ready your online store for a larger market share. 

Consistently update your website to match seasons and holidays.

Prove yourself relevant to potential customers that visit your online store during summer.

Implement seasonal pop-ups to help you match the season and drive consumer engagement.

Update the design of your online store.

Create a summery aesthetic, focusing on fonts, color schemes, and icons. All of these should reflect a warmer look.

Run summer themed paid advertisements to create a sense of urgency among potential shoppers.

Use terms such as “Sale”, “Ends On”, and “Last Chance” to motivate consumers to buy.

What do you think of these strategies? Connect with us on Twitter at @nextopia to let us know.

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